Janek Pentz - Polish composer and acoustic guitarist, dealing with fingerstyle, rock and classical music.



  • 20.05.2022

    Opublikowano: 2022-02-19 19:49:52

    Oliwski Ratusz Kultury, Gdańsk
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  • 12.05.2022

    Opublikowano: 2022-02-19 19:41:23

    6-Ścian, Białystok
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    Opublikowano: 2019-08-22 17:35:47

    Janek Pentz is a Polish acoustic guitarist and composer associated with the fingerstyle scene. He played the opening spots for such great artists as Tommy Emmanuel, Andrew York, Andy McKee, Luca Stricagnoli, Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema), Alex Misko, Igor Presnyakov, Adam Palma, Kwiat Jabłoni, BAiKA (Banach&Kafi), pARTyzant, Marek Napiórkowski, Mirosław Czyżykiewicz, Lion Shepherd, Stefano Barone, and cooperated with many others in his homeland and abroad. Successful tours of Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands enrich his experience. He’s the film music composer as well. Informations about his musical activity, including interviews, have been published inter alia in Top Guitar and Gitarzysta (Guitarist) magazines, also in Polish Radio and Antyradio, and his music by the prestigious American label CandyRat Records. Janek released three original albums: - Heroic Dreams… (EP, 2017) - Eternity (LP, 2019) - Paradox (LP,




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Janek Pentz

+48 661 400 099

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